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Origin IMS

After ten years of partnering with the top trend setters in the market to create memorable successes, we stand on firm grounds which allows us to dream bigger dreams.


Origin has been developing her tools and methodologies to build an intimate bond with the Egyptian and The Arabian Markets.

Successful Stories

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A Word by the Chairman

 “To create that intimate integrated bond between all the parts of a campaign a very deep understanding of the culture,

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Events & Exhibitions

We lead the success of any corporate event by ensuring sizzling Creative Ideation, Planning, Management and Post Evaluation.

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Production Services

With Origin IMS You Can Put Your Creative Ideas With Best Quality On Ground

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Direct Marketing

We are committed to continuously harness and develop our Pro-activity on the Organizational and Employee levels to consistently upkeep our uniqueness and sustain our growth.

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success of any
corporate event
is planning &

We take pride in having Creativity being our competitive edge for developing unprecedented breakthrough Creative Formulas , Services and Solutions that ensure our sustainable development.

We pride our selves of the details enable us to handle every event and make it an ever inspiring memory.


-Corporate Events



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